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Designing interiors for clients is one of the most rewarding aspects of our work. More and more people are asking us about more environmentally friendly solutions to incorporate into their designs and this can range from anything from the actual materials used within their office or business refurbishment and right through to methods of better insulating their space, heating it efficiently and careful consideration is placed upon things such as lighting too.

We love to incorporate natural materials into a project with particular emphasis on natural woods, reclaimed furniture and upcycled objects too. This can really add interest into a project whilst breathing new life into things that might otherwise have been sent to landfill.

Do we always use reclaimed materials in Interior Renovation Projects? of course this depends on the client brief and the vision that we come up with together during the design process. That said, we do love to work with recycled materials where we can. If you consider refurbishing a bar or restaurant for example then really the possibilities are endless in terms of the type of objects that could be incorporated into the design. Quite literally anything from an old chair or table to delapidated window shutters – we can really help add some vintage or retro inspired touches into any modern office or business interior design project.